Move into Stillness to Find Health

Using the tools of yoga (movement, stretching, breath, relaxation) to empower patients to progress toward improved health and well-being, educating them including the ability to self motivate and maintain a practice.



Movement - Musculoskeletal stretching, strengthening and balance, appropriate for each patient's individual need and physical restriction.

Breath -  Using the breath to relax the body/mind - teaching how to relax.

Relaxation - Progressive relaxation, hand postures, basic guided imagery.


Help to reduce/eliminate symptoms and improve quality of life.  Manage stress/improve resilience through self-regulation of the body by using movement and of the mind by using breath/meditation and other relaxation techniques.  

Increased mindfulness of mind/body in order to make/maintain healthy choices in daily life.  

Guide patients in implementing a plan to promote/maintain their own improved health and prevention.  

Provide guidance for lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness using the tools of yoga therapy.

Therapeutic Classes:


Beginner yoga and mindfulness - walks you through some of the very basic limbs of yoga including pranayama (breathing), meditation, mindfulness, and asana (that stuff we do on the mat). This class prepares you for Basic Plus.


Basic Plus Yoga Class – we weave through the various asanas with explanations of why they are so beneficial and have worked for centuries – an alternative to medical prescriptions.


One on One Sessions  - are recommended for specific conditions.


Let’s talk about your needs and desires for wellness. Email me.

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