Bridging Yoga and Health Care
Have health issues been interfering with your quality of life?

Would more physical strength and energy help you feel better and enjoy yourself more and age more gracefully?


Are you ready to give yourself the gift of a medically-approved program that will dial you into feeling healthier in ways you might not have considered before?


I'm Lynette Fioroni and I'm a yoga therapist and certified holistic health coach who is dedicated to helping people - especially those in their mid-life years - get more out of life.  Many of us are over-committed and under-supported.  We believe we can do anything and we're not shy about trying.  But most of us are stressed, anxious and worn-out, flirting with disease and potential disaster.
As a stroke survivor myself, I recognize how challenging it can be to take proactive steps to safeguard one's own health, and I also recognize how important it is.  I invite you to allow me to support you in the crucial mission of staying as healthy as possible, as long as possible, so those you care about can have the full benefit of your presence in their lives.  Using a powerful yoga protocol called "Yoga Therapy" I help people like you slow down, relax, and energize your body.  Together we give you a chance to experience a meditative stillness that can fuel enormous improvements in how you feel and what you can accomplish.
Did you know that what you think affects your health?  I didn't, not until I began the long hard climb out of the "victimhood" that my stroke seemed to have inflicted upon me. 
Although I had heard that yoga could help me, it was hard for me to find the right place to pursue it, and I started and quit more times than I could count.  Eventually, I found my way to a great studio and then to yoga therapy.  As I returned to full physical strength I realized how powerful this gentle form of therapy is, I decided to become an instructor.  I understood thousands of hours of clinically supervised training with medical doctors in a hospital, and I became certified to work with patients with a wide range of diseases and conditions as well as those in palliative care. 
Today I support my clients in achieving the best physical and emotional state possible for them.  Along the way, I teach them how to access a state of inner peace that helps mitigate the damaging impact of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.
Does that resonate with you?
If you are sick of being sick, and you would like to find out how yoga therapy sessions with me can help you look and feel your best, I invite you to email me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation about your specific health-related challenges.
Together we can make a difference.

To schedule a payment: simply click on the PayPal button.

Yoga Therapy is Especially Helpful

for People Who Are Struggling With:

Stress                                                        Depression

Anxiety                                                      Cardiac Heart Disease

Cancer                                                      Multiple Sclerosis

Fibromyalgia                                              Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Insomnia                                                    Restlessness

Pain/Discomfort                                         Or just not feeling like your "old self"  

Hi! I'm Lynette Fioroni. I'm a
certified yoga therapist 
and a certified holistic
health coach. I’d like to help you find the inner peace, devotion to stillness and awareness of the present that will enable you to relax and enjoy life.
Why is that you ask? 
It's simple: I've changed my own life dramatically through the principles I'll share with you on this site.
Let me help you discover and live the very best life you were destined to have!

Working to assist returning veterans to integrate back into life . . . .

Making the effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of those working to make yoga and mindfulness equally accessible to all.

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